Avantis Education Partners with EdGate to Align its VR Lessons with U.S. State Standards

Company to demo immersive virtual lessons and innovative VR/AR technology at ISTELive 23 

Chicago (June 26, 2023) — Avantis Education, the leader in virtual reality technology for K-12 schools, has partnered with the Washington-based EdGate to align its 400+ immersive, virtual reality lessons to U.S. state standards in science, social studies and English Language Arts. Avantis is discussing its alignment process, as well as its other innovative AR/VR technology – including its award-winning ClassVR headsets – at the ISTELive 23 edtech conference June 25-28, 2023 in Philadelphia (booth #2540).

Avantis Education’s lessons are housed in the Eduverse (www.eduverse.com), Avantis’ award-winning, built-for-education online platform. The Eduverse is accessible on any device, and is also the content hub for schools using ClassVR, Avantis Education’s award-winning all-in-one VR headsets. In addition to the more than 400 full lessons, the Eduverse provides access to thousands of pieces of immersive, educational VR and AR content to supplement instruction, all in a secure, teacher-controlled virtual environment.

All 400+ of Avantis Education’s full lessons will be aligned by the fall 2023, providing added value for school districts and convenience for teachers as they start the 2023-24 school year. The lessons are accessible to anyone using ClassVR headsets and anyone who has a subscription to the Eduverse. 

“Aligning our lessons with U.S. state standards changes the game for teachers because they will be able to easily select and implement the exact lesson that meets the standard they are teaching,” said Avantis Education’s CEO, Nik Tuson. “For instance, if I’m a third-grade teacher in Louisiana and I am looking to supplement a lesson on ecosystems, I will be able to log into my Eduverse account, and with a few clicks find a list of virtual lessons that align with the state standards for that topic. This alignment shows our lessons are more than just a fun, engaging activity, they’re also pedagogically relevant which is incredibly important to school districts.”

Teachers log into the Eduverse dashboard from any internet-enabled device to invite students into virtual scenes where they communicate and collaborate using avatars. Students can virtually attend class on the moon, explore World War I trenches, walk through scenes from Romeo and Juliet, swim with sharks, or float through blood vessels to learn about the circulatory system. 

Now, with the alignment to state standards, it’s easier for teachers to identify which lessons to select to accompany their instruction. For example, a Pennsylvania teacher seeking a VR lesson that meets the state’s Grade 2 Social Studies standards for “historical analysis and skills development” will be able to easily find which Eduverse lessons fill that requirement. They can, for instance, select the “Christopher Columbus” lesson, which allows students to virtually climb aboard and explore the Santa Maria to learn about Christopher Columbus’ journey across the Atlantic, and they will know it meets that state standard. All scenes and experiences in the Eduverse are accessible on any device or on VR headsets. A free option makes the Eduverse accessible regardless of budget, or VR hardware access. For more information about the Eduverse, visit https://eduverse.com/

About Avantis

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