Scribbles Software Announces “Mass Lottery” Feature to Help Schools and Districts Quickly Manage Complex Lotteries

Charlotte, North Carolina – Aug. 21, 2023 – Scribbles Software, a leading provider of K-12 records and enrollment software, announces significant updates to streamline and improve lottery management for schools and districts – especially for those managing complex lottery systems.

 Managing lotteries – the process in which students apply for high-demand specialty programs or schools – is challenging. It requires processing incoming applications, assigning students to programs or schools, and managing waitlists.  The larger and more complex a school lottery system is, the more challenging it is to oversee.

Scribbles Software has helped districts and schools streamline and automate lottery management processes for more than a decade with its ScribChoice lottery management software. The new mass lottery feature allows districts and schools to automatically configure multiple lotteries of any size and level of complexity.

For example, a district with a dual language immersion program at 10 schools in grades K-12 can now run all school and grade-level lotteries at once with a click of a button, rather than selecting each school and each grade separately. The system automatically offers seats to students, and then once the deadline passes for those students to accept, it offers any remaining seats to the next students on the waitlist, factoring in students’ preferences and how they’ve ranked their choices.

The mass lottery feature significantly decreases the time it takes for districts to process lotteries. In one 90,000-student district with 30,000 lottery applications, the lottery manager was able to run their lottery and offer or waitlist seats in less than 20-minutes – a process that previously would have taken weeks.

“Offering specialty programs helps schools and districts attract and retain students, and can improve student engagement because students are able to enroll in programs that they are interested in and passionate about,” said Misty Reinhardt, Director of Product Management for Scribbles Software. “Our new mass lottery update helps make the often complex, time-consuming process of managing these systems easier and faster, which benefits employees, students and their families.”

Scribbles has also added new administrative features to its ScribChoice program that support the fidelity of the lottery process, such as:

  • An audit report showing any activity on the lottery or waitlist, so all automatic and manual offers can be tracked.
  • Updated permissions to make it easier for a lottery manager to create, update, and deactivate users across a district or multiple sites.

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