StickTogether Launches One-of-a-Kind Puzzle with Billions of Possibilities Perfect for the Selfie Generation

The 300-piece Puzzle Face™ allows people to assemble and reassemble the same puzzle to create a countless number of different images of faces

NEW YORK, September 28, 2023 — StickTogether Products recently launched Puzzle Face, a one-of-kind innovation that allows young and old alike to create unlimited series of different faces – their face, a friend’s face, a famous face from history – all with one 300-piece puzzle that can be assembled and reassembled again and again. This unique puzzle, which utilizes an intuitive app in addition to the physical puzzle pieces, is intended for anyone 8-years or older and makes an ideal gift for the home, classroom, or office.   

“Puzzle Face truly has that ‘wow’ factor,” said Sylvia Stein, president of StickTogether Products. “In addition to its ability to form billions of different images and be used an infinite number of times, Puzzle Face really leaves people in awe every time they finish the puzzle and see a new face come to life. It’s like magic!” 

Creating a puzzle is as easy as taking a selfie in the Puzzle Face Image Key app, saving the Image Key, and assembling the pieces code-side up – either solo or as part of a fun group activity – using the Image Key as a guide. Once completed, just flip the puzzle over to reveal the image.

Puzzle Face is the brainchild of Ken Knowlton, Mark Setteducati, and Hiroshi Kondo. Knowlton (1931–2022) was a trailblazer in the field of computer-generated graphics, as well as an artist. When Setteducati, a seasoned magician and inventor, approached Knowlton with the idea of collaborating on a puzzle that could use one set of puzzle pieces to depict any face, Knowlton took on the challenge. They shared their invention with Kondo from Tenyo Co., a Japanese magic company. He loved the concept, partnered with Knowlton and Setteducati, and added key elements to the experience.

“When we heard about this puzzle, we knew we had to bring it into the StickTogether family of products,” said Stein. “After adapting the piece design, interface, and game play, with the invaluable assistance of Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr. of UniPuzzle, we knew we had something truly remarkable and mind-bending.”

Each Puzzle Face includes the 300 puzzle pieces and instructions and tips. The Image Key QR code found on the packaging is linked to a web-based app, which can be tried out on phones at  

Puzzle Face is available for $34.99 (MSRP) with discounted two-pack, four-pack, and six-pack bundle pricing available on StickTogether’s website. In addition to the website, Puzzle Face can be purchased at the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) gift shop in New York City. 

To learn more about Puzzle Face, visit

About StickTogether Products

StickTogether Products was first presented at MakerFaireNY 2015 with the sole purpose of engaging the maker community through the power of making by solving simple puzzles together. Today, the company’s hands-on and digital group activities provide a collaborative, community-building activity for librarians, teachers, media specialists, counselors, and students alike. To learn more about StickTogether Products, visit  

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